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How to Build Max Performance Chevy Small Blocks on a Budget

By David Vizard

A reviewer from Amazon says:

This book is what I expected from David Vizard, honest and properly researched information. It's focus is primarily on $ and not the HOW and WHY that David normally goes into. If all you want to know is what you need to go fast, and you don't want to spend lots of cash and you DO have lots of time to
                     spend building a motor - then this is THE book for you. If you have read DV's other books, then this is still worth buying because DV devulges how to
                     get the best bang for the buck. You will find that this book summarizes a lot of what is mentioned in his other books - with the exception of the chapter
                     on exhaust, there is some new stuff there. So if your hooked on DV like I am - go get it!! It's worth it! :)

                     There are also 10 'recipes' in the back of the book - from 350hp to over 600hp. None costing over $3000.

How to Build & Modify Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Cylinder Heads

By David Vizard

A reviewer from Amazon says:

As with many of David Vizards books this one exceeded my expectations. It opened new avenues of thought regarding head modifications and then
                     proceeded to explore those avenues thoroughly. Mr. Vizard is one of the few that shares his knowledge in a manner that very few do. To many
                     "experts" under estimate our ability to learn and understand, or else they don't want to go through the bother. Mr. Vizard does so in a very convincing
                     manner. Thanks for all the horsepower, torque, and reliability, David. This book covered porting, hardware, modification in your own shop, and can be
                     utilized to any level you wish. I keep returning to it to advance in my own practice.

How to Build & Modify Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Camshafts & Valvetrains

By David Vizard

Professional advice on camshafts, rocker arms, lifters, valve springs, retainers, and morecomplete with more than 300 step-by-step, how-to photos and test charts.

A reviewer from Amazon says:

This has been a very useful book. It will be useful for the beginner or the professional. As with many of Mr. Vizard's books, it easily understood and
                     very detailed. I have already had very rewarding results and still have much more material to experiment with. The material is very practical and for the
                     hands on enthusiast.

How to Rebuild Big-Block Chevy Engines

by Tom Wilson

A review from Amazon:

Wilson's book presents a step by step how to rebuild your BBC without being an "upscale" list of bullet points. His presentation, while perhaps a bit
                     grammatically insensitive, appeals to people who won't mind getting their hands dirty taking on their own rebuild project. I recommend Tom's book for
                     anyone considering a rebuild of their Big Block Chevy. You won't find hot rodding performance tips here, but you'll come away with all the practical
                     knowledge needed to work through it on your own. The one piece of advice I'd add to the book is that you use an oil pump primer to spin up your oil
                     pump before first starting your newly rebuilt motor.


How to Build Max Performance Chevy Rat Motors: Hot Rodding Big Block Chevys `90s Style

by Ed Staffel, John Baechtel

A review from Amazon:

Excellent book infomative towards the newest trends in horsepower production and possible combinations to suit the needs of the enthusiast

How to Build Monster Chevy Big Blocks (Best of Hot Rods: Hot Rod Volume 10 Technical Library)

 by Hot Rod Magazine

The Haynes General Motors Automatic Transmission Overhaul Manual

Covers TH 200-4R, TH 700-R4, TH 350, and TH 400

How to Work With and Modify the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 Transmission

by Ron Sessions

A review from Amazon:

This book is marvelous. With absolutely no prior experience with automatic transmissions, I have successfully used this book and Mr. Sessions'
                     previous book on the Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 to rebuild two transmissions. For the novice, all you need is a Master Rebuild Kit and about two weeks of
                     patience, and you can save over $1000 by doing the rebuild yourself. The book has a good discussion on theory, but you can skip right to the "how-to"
                     sections and follow the text/pictures to a successful end.

Turbo Hydra-Matic 350

by Ron Sessions

A review from Amazon:

Auto transmissions are a mystery to most of us, even those who are performance enthusiasts. Ron's book is an excellent introduction into the inner
                     workings of the TH350. More importantly though, the book gives great step-by-step info on rebuilding your 350 yourself. It's not as hard as you would
                     think! The book is full of informative photos and diagrams and also contains info regarding high-performance modifications. If your thinking about doing
                     your own TH350 rebuild, forget GM manuals. This is the only book you'll need.

Powerglide Transmission Handbook: How to Rebuild or Modify Chevrolet's Powerglide for All Applications

by Carl H. Munroe

Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

A review from Amazon:

Two-Lane Blacktop is literature on film! At first viewing, it may seem stylistic but plotless, as the casual observer without proper frame of reference will
                      miss some subtle subplots.

                      The first subplot is the contrast of the genuine versus the wannabe, as revealed in the cars and their owners. There has always been a street-race
                      rivalry between the the home-built hotrod and the checkbook-aquired factory musclecar (fellow gearheads will nod knowingly). This contrast extends
                      to The Driver, who is earthy and real, and GTO, who is always playing a role. At first, GTO tries to stand toe-to-toe with The Driver, but he is
                      eventually subjugated by the horsepower of the '55 and the mechanical know-how of Driver and Mechanic.

                      The second and more interesting subplot is the tension within The Driver, who feels more comfortable with machines than with people (perhaps
                      machines are easier to control). Believe me, this type of personality exists - confirm with any gearhead or IT professional. His machine zen is
                      interrupted by the hitchhiker, to whom he opens himself up (barely). The hicthhiker eventually leaves, and at the end of the movie he slides shut the
                      window of the '55 Chevy, symbolically shutting out human emotion/interaction and returning to his mechanical world.

                      Watch this movie looking for these subplots, and you may have a whole new viewing experience.


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