Ford FE 390 427 428 Engine Tidbits

Head and Intake Comparison

My brother bought Edelbrock aluminum heads for his 428, and what follows is some descriptive text and numbers for weights and port sizes.  I hope you find this information valuable.

Fel-Pro gasket on Edelbrock Performer 390 intake manifold.

Weight of manifold: 24 pounds.

Fel-Pro gasket on Edelbrock F-427 intake manifold.

Weight of manifold: 25 pounds.

Fel-Pro gasket on Edelbrock 6006 aluminum head.

Weight of head: 28 pounds

Fel-Pro gasket on unported Ford 390 GT head

Weight of similar head with valves and springs: 47 pounds.

Fel-Pro gasket on unported Ford 427 Low Riser head.

Fel-Pro head gasket on .030 over 428.

Note how the gasket does not come to the edge of the cylinder, causing annular gap at top of cylinder.  This causes a pocket of unburnable fuel, and is a poor design.

Oil Pan Rail Casting

Ever wonder what that little bump is for on the passenger side of the oil pan rail?

On most blocks, it's blank.  On mine it was blank, too, but I had to drill it out.  Check out the photos to see why!


We are using a 13 quart rear-sump oil pan on our dune buggy, and the oil pickup tube has a support that attaches at that bump.

Now you know!

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